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Get motorcycle licenseCreate a dynamic power meter for siteGo skydivingTake a course in the water jet, machining, and magnet making at Tech ShopRace Go KartsTake a course in yoga until I’ve mastered the basics (and have channelled my inner basic)Take a course in calligraphyVisit Mainland EuropeClimb Arecibo Observatory in Puerto RicoBike the GG bridge to Sausalito and Angel IslandGet certified to operate a shortwave radioStart some sort of higher ed programLearn to paddle boardSummit Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais, and Mount ShastaApr 2016Apr 2018SpaceTimeCreativityCareerSelf

These are my adventure goals for the current orbit of our planet. I'm expanding the traditional adventure to include not only places I go and things I see, but education, creativity, career, and personal growth. I'm gamifying it, so that each "quest" has a certain amount of points associated with it.

Eventually I will build some sort of power meter to go along with this, but for right now, meh. Ooh! I should make that a goal!

Adventure Points
x Create a dynamic power meter for site
(Bonus Points: Turn it into a WordPress plugin—10pts)
1 (+10)
Adventure Points
x Bike the GG bridge to Sausalito and Angel Island 10
___ Break top speed record on skis.
(Bonus Points: Hit 80+ mph—20pts)
___ Build a bug-out bag and survive unaided in the wilderness for a weekend 80
x Climb Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico 80
___ Climb Stairway to Heaven (the Haiku Stairs) in Hawaii 100
___ Go deep sea fishing 40
___ Go Heli-skiing 60
___ Go horseback riding in the hills behind Palo Alto 40
___ Go scuba diving 35
___ Learn to Kiteboard like a MoFo. 100
x Race Go Karts 20
x Summit Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais, and Mount Shasta 100
___ Travel somewhere remote and exotic that no rational person would think to waste their money on 100
___ Visit every museum in San Francisco (comic book museum, etc.) 40
x Visit Mainland Europe
(Bonus Points: Visit a monastery and have a conversation with someone in Latin—25pts)
100 (+25)
Adventure Points
___ Complete a firearms training course 75
x Get motorcycle license 100
___ Get sailing certificate (have the fallback option of a life of piracy on the SF bay) 120
___ Go on a PCA fun run 40
x Go skydiving 100
___ Learn how to mix drinks and bartend like a pro 50
___ Learn to fly a drone
(Bonus Points: Get a license from the FAA—100pts)
x Learn to paddle board 20
___ Make an awesome driving video tribute to Highway 1 30
___ Ride in a hot air balloon 60
___ Take a cooking class 25
x Take a course in the water jet, machining, and magnet making at Tech Shop 50
___ Take fencing classes to the next level
(Bonus Points: Forge my own sword—40pts)
Adventure Points
___ Build a kick-ass robot (kicking ass is only one of robot’s functions) 120
___ Design and build a coffee table and other furniture for my apartment 80
___ Design my own stationary 50
___ Finish designing a line of home and kitchen items 100
___ Finish turning my xTerra into the ultimate adventure machine (custom light bar and gear rack, among others) 75
___ Get member project sponsored by Planetary Society
(Bonus Points: Get NDGT to take a pic doing the p-hyzacs sign—42pts)
___ Make a professional-quality oil painting and sell prints 90
___ Publish a small set of handmade books 60
x Take a course in calligraphy 25
___ Write a Medium post and force it to go viral amongst my friends
(Bonus Points: Include a political cartoon—50pts)
___ Write a short story and get it published (force friends to read and guilt into giving positive commentary) 80
Adventure Points
___ Create a Human-centered design UX tool
(Bonus Points: Submit it to Product Hunt or get it sponsored by a company1—40pts)
___ Design a new set of personal business cards and get them printed 50
___ Design new portfolio site and CV site 50
___ Give a TED talk 200
___ Launch an online store and get some products carried by a retailer 125
___ Run a successful Kickstarter campaign 150
___ Sell a piece of artwork (family and friends don’t count — person must legit want to buy it) 125
x Start some sort of higher ed program 120
Adventure Points
___ Complete a meditation course at a buddhist temple 50
___ Get back below 12% body fat.
(Bonus Points: Do 20 pullups (wide grip, legit, no cheating or BS “kipping” pull-ups)—20pts)
x Get certified to operate a shortwave radio 50
___ Go on a vision quest (vision optional—your results may vary) 75
___ Host a charity fundraiser event
(Bonus Points: Turn it into an ongoing series and guilt friends into helping—50pts)
___ Learn acrobatics! Cartwheel and front flip. 40
___ Learn basic Greek and Hebrew 125
___ Learn to play the cello 75
___ Learn to rock climb 60
x Take a course in yoga until I’ve mastered the basics (and have channelled my inner basic) 60